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Thanks for visiting!  Our goal is to be best youth soccer coaching resource on the web.  

We've just updated the 'Practice Plans' page with a section of U6 and U8 youth plans, bring the total number of practice plans on the site to 150. Check back frequently as we will be updating the site with more plans on a regular basis. The 'Curriculum' page has just been updated to include full season curriculums for the U6, U8, U11, U12, U13, and U14 age groups. 

The 'Video' section has grown a lot.  After creating a few videos I stumbled upon the onlinesocceracademy YouTube page.  If I had to describe the video's produced by Jared Montz in one word, it would be amazing. Check out the various videos Jared has made and you will have a good picture of what the skill should look like when you are coaching your next training session.  You can subscribe to the OnlineSoccerAcademy YouTube page at to automatically receive all the latest updates. 

If you have any questions please contact us or post in the forum for the rest of the community.  Last, you can "Like Us" on Facebook or "Follow Us" on twitter to receive notifications when we have added new content.


Matt Callahan,
Fox Valley Soccer Training LLC


Have you checked out Jared Montz's Online Soccer Academy?  Visit and check it out.  I would also highly recommend subscribing to the onlinesocceracademy YouTube page.  Jared is a former professional player that releases a video every week that teaches players something about soccer (mostly technical tips but some great tactical and psychological tips are mixed in as well).  At the time that I wrote this...Jared had published 282 videos.  The videos are entertaining, very informational, and well produced.  I would recommend players watch them to see a great example of what different techniques should look like and coaches can benefit as well from learning some great details about how different techniques should be performed.  

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